Easy to Operate, Customer-Self-Service

Self-service safe deposit systems offer the customer a larger degree of independence. Time-consuming formalities are definitely over. By means of card and code, the customer identifies himself at self-service terminal KEBIN-SB, in a way he is used to do it at the cash dispenser. Clear display texts guide the customer reliably to the vault.

After renting, the customer can get a magnetic card and use it immediately, which can offer customer a prompt service and create an easy circumstances.



The status of the individual boxes is continously supervised via the workstation system and net-work controller.


Each terminal of system communicates each other, it will increase the entirety of this system.


The administration management of the safe deposit boxes is carried out at the bank workstation(PC), here all informations are collected and logged.


The operation of customer and rents are automated.

Multiple Security

The customer is identified via key, card and a code. As the magnetic card data and the code data are stored independently in different control units, it can increase the security. The customer can modify his code at any time.
Every important information is stored in the workstation system of safe deposit box.Between workstation system and each access control system,the data is transmitted in a coded form.
An unauthorized access is immediately recognized and triggers an alarm.

Computerized System Flow-Chart